Bar Code Scanners and Portable Data Terminals

Bar code scanners allow for fast and convenient data processing

If you are looking for a bar code scanner, we have the solution for you. Seton carries a variety of bar code scanners and bar code readers that come with features made for various inventory processes. Choose from among mobile scanners / portable scanners, cordless scanners, and handheld scanners that can easily suit your inventory needs. Use these scanners to track your assets and compile data in several different ways easily with portable data terminals that can read most common linear  bar codes and more. Our products come in lightweight yet durable designs for portability and maximum usability.

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  • Symbol® LS2208 Bar Code Scanner

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  • Bar Code Reader 2.0 Kit

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Manage and keep track of your supplies using bar code scanners from Seton.

Doing inventory and keeping close track of stock is a meticulous task. This process involves compiling and tallying large amounts of data that, without the use of a scanner, can take plenty of time and effort.  To help you execute an accurate inventory and to manage supplies more effectively, Seton offers a wide range barcode scanners including mobile scanners.

Bar code scanners help you to avoid losing valuable information.

At Seton, we carry a select line of scanners, including that include the Symbol Phaser P370 Cordless Scanner, as well as portable scanners and handheld bar code scanners designed to help you with your inventory tasks.  Made by leading manufacturers, these scanners come in compact yet durable designs, which can withstand the same environments as heavy-duty industrial devices. All of these scanners, including mobile scanners, have the ability to process the most detailed data collection tasks, even in harsh working conditions.  We also have scanners that perform mobile computing, data capture and wireless network data collection in an all in one compact package, which not only saves time but also saves money.  These bar code scanners offer accurate, real time transactions at the press of a button.