Manage your asset inventory information effectively with easy-to-use asset management software

Data management can be a troublesome task without the proper tools. With Seton’s asset management system, you can now easily and effectively keep track of your assets and properties. Whether you need to track package movement, fixed assets, consumable stocks, and other company valuables, we have it all in store for you. Our asset tracking software features an easy-to-use menu navigation system that allows for fast data collection. This software also comes with bar code technology to make for automated data capture. With these tools on hand, you’ll never lose track of your company assets and valuables.

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  • RedBeam Inventory Control Software

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  • RedBeam Fixed Asset Tracking Software

    From $722.80 To $3,634.80
  • RedBeam Check In Check Out Software

    From $722.80 To $3,634.80
  • Redbeam Annual Support Contracts

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  • LABELVIEW™ Label Software

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Never lose track of your assets with user-friendly asset management software

Tracking assets is a usual challenge to small and large companies. With an inefficient asset management system, you risk losing not only physical assets but other important company resources. Eliminate the hassle of tedious inventory tasks by using Seton’s asset management software. We also carry products that provide you with the option to manage your property information through the internet so you can access your data anywhere. These state-of-the-art products allow you to electronically manage your data to help you save time and money.

Everything you need for easy asset management and GASB compliance

Seton’s asset management software gives you the ability to make your inventory task less tiresome while keeping you compliant with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) financial and accounting policies. Our GASB Compliance Kit comes with a software to keep track of all your properties while calculating asset depreciation at the same time. This software also comes with a feature that tracks the maintenance status of your capital and fixed assets. With a highly advanced design, data integration features, and easy automation tools, our asset tracking software will help you keep your inventory data organized.