Tamper Evident Asset Tags

If you’re running a large inventory of assets and other properties, keeping track of every single item can become a very difficult task. Keep your assets intact and effectively tracked by using Tamper Evident Asset Tags. Seton carries a wide selection of asset tags that will allow you to digitally track your assets and identify if any of your property has been tampered with. These tags can show evidence of tampering in two ways: some tags leave behind a visible residue that reads "void" or a checkered pattern. Others will be completely destroyed if removal is attempted. Either way, you can be assured that your asset is properly protected and monitored. Available in different sizes, colors, and styles, you’ll definitely find the perfect asset tag to suit all of your application needs.Effectively track your assets and deter tampering


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Valuable cargo can sometimes be tampered with. Prevent that type of illegal activity with Tamper Evident Asset Tags from your friends at Seton. Tamper Evident tags come apart when they are removed or tampered with. Choose from Custom Destructible Asset ID Labels, Custom Tamper Evident Bar Code Asset Labels and more.