School Crossing Signs

Improve school safety by properly marking crossing areas with the right school crossing signs

School zones need to have the right kinds of signs for everyone to easily know where to park, to stop, to unload and to cross. Using school crossing signs and other school safety signs that are not only highly-visible but also easy to understand is essential for school safety. Seton has a wide array of school crossing signs that include crosswalk safety signs, pedestrian crossing signs and other school safety signs and symbols for you to choose from. Select the best school crossing signs for your needs from our selection and help ensure the safety of people in and around your school.

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Make safety a priority with the use of School Crossing Signs and Crosswalk Signs

Around 3 out of 5 pedestrian deaths in the US happen outside of crosswalks and around 1 out of 5 of these deaths occur near a crosswalk. This indicates that people who do not use crosswalks are more likely to be at risk of such accidents. Carefully marking areas that are designated for use by crossing pedestrians with school crossing signs and pedestrian crossing signs can help minimize such occurrences.

School Crossing Signs can also inform motorists of the presence of pedestrian traffic

When school crossing signs and crosswalk safety signs are posted in key areas in and around your school, motorists can keep an eye out for the possibility of people crossing the street. This helps lower the probability of accidents happening because motorists will slow down when they see such school crossing signs ahead. Installing school safety signs like school pedestrian signs and school crossing signs, as well as other general traffic signs like stop signs, speed limit signs and yield signs, in key areas of your facility should be a top priority. These help keep people out of harm’s way as well as follow pedestrian safety laws as enforced by your State.