• How Temporary Badges Help Create a More Secure Facility

    Improve facility security by using temporary badges

    Improve facility security by using temporary badges

    In 2009, two party crashers were able to enter the White House and join a state dinner that was hosted by no less than the President. People may be shaking their heads at the audacity of such an occurrence, however, the mere idea that it happened, begs the question of security and safety.

    If uninvited guests are able to enter the White House that easily and hobnob with the President, what about other buildings that do not have the strict security policies of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

    Increase Security with the Help of Badges

    Thinking back to that incident, such a high security blunder could have been prevented had they used security badges and tags. Sure, temporary badges and tags may have looked somewhat absurd when worn with the evening gowns and tuxedos, but such a security breach might have been prevented.

    In offices and factories, security breaches by outsiders are considered a constant threat. This may be why a lot of companies use temporary badges and other security solutions to help minimize the problem.

    Different Levels of Security with Different Kinds of Temporary Badges

    Facilities often see temporary workers, contractors, and visitors enter and leave their buildings on a regular basis. Some of these guests can be seen in and around the premises for weeks, even months, while others are there only for a couple of hours. With these differences in mind, different kinds of badges can be used to help alleviate these security issues.

    Visitor Badge

    Temporary Visitor badges show you who your guests are.

    • Expiring Badges – Some of the badges you can consider using for temporary visitors include Expiring TIMEtokens® and Temporary ONEStep TIMEbadges®. Expiring TIMEtokens come in half day and whole day variants while ONEStep TIMEbadges are valid for one day only. Temporary badges start to show stripes once the time for their usage expires. These stripes indicate that the validity of the badge is up.
    • Numbered Passes – Other badges you can consider using are the Numbered Visitor, Vendor and Contractor Passes. These are non-disposable badges and can be used over and over. These badges are ideal for use by visitors and temporary personnel who need to regularly visit the facility for days or weeks at a time.

    Make sure your facility is safe from unwanted guests and visitors. While it is highly unlikely that your visitors will want to cause harm in your building, it is probably better for everyone to be on the safe side.

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