• Celebrate National Safety Month this June!

    June is here and with it comes the start of National Safety Month! This year the theme is “Safety Starts with Me.” According to the official website, National Safety Month seeks to empower every employee, challenge them to take ownership and improve safety in their workplace.

    Each week during this month has been assigned a theme by the National Safety Council (NSC) which covers a wide variety of critical safety concerns such as preventing slips and trips and even going into ergonomics, which can prevent repetitive stress injuries while improving employee productivity.

    Here’s how the month has been divided into these six topics:National Safety Month 2013

    Week 1: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
    Week 2: Employee Wellness
    Week 3: Emergency Preparedness
    Week 4: Ergonomics
    Bonus topic: Summer Safety
    Bonus topic: Driving Safety

    What should I do this National Safety Month?

    This month, companies are encouraged to run various programs to improve safety. Well designed programs which have long term goals, regular refresher courses, follow-ups, and milestones will do wonders in improving the safety culture in your company. However, designing these programs can be daunting, especially for larger organizations. To help you out with this, you can get some free training materials from the NSC website:

    Non-NSC members can get:

    • National Safety Month poster in English and Spanish
    • Access to the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+) program
    • For each of the six topics:
      • Tip sheets (English and Spanish) and a crossword puzzle
      • 100 Years of Safety trivia game.

    If you happen to be a NSC member, then you can get a bigger set of safety training materials such as:

    • NSM planner’s guide
      • For each of the six topics:
    • NSM buckslip insert
    • A customizable National Safety Month participant certificate
    • Webinars

     Safety Wall Clocks

    The free training materials provided can be used to form a very good base on which to create safety programs that tackle very common and often serious effects of the aforementioned safety concerns.

    However, it will take time to completely flesh it out, so it might be good to have an initial campaign and implement it while the rest of your company’s safety team focuses on expanding the program.

    The theme for this month is very appropriate. At Seton, we believe that no truer words were ever spoken, because indeed, safety does start with the individual. Changing the way employees view safety is perhaps the best thing you can do to lower accident rates in your facility. Once your workers start taking ownership and becoming more invested in safety, it is only a matter of time before accident rates start dropping.

    On a side note, it might also be good to know that National Safety Month also shares billing with National Fireworks Safety Month and Home Safety Month. In addition, the National Safety Council is also celebrating its 100 year anniversary this month as well. So feel free to check out the main National Safety Council website for more information about these events.

    Stay safe and enjoy this month’s activities!

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