• GHS Training Program: Catch Up with the New GHS Standards

    GHS Safety Training Kit from CLMI

    The deadline for training employees about the new standards of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) was December 1, 2013. If your company hasn’t done this yet, you should come up with a plan for meeting this requirement. If you manufacture, supply and use chemicals, then you should become familiar with GHS per  OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200, as it will become the law over the next couple of years. Don’t wait until the last minute to follow the government mandate, because planning in advance will make for fewer hassles in the long run.

    There’s no need to panic—keep in mind that Seton is here to help you abide by the regulations and keep your facility safe and secure. And because the Occupational Safety and Health Administration anticipates that a lot of companies will soon receive labels, safety data sheets, and pictograms that adhere to the new GHS paradigm, your workers must be prepared to read and interpret them. In short, your first step in adopting the latest hazard communication standards (HCS) is to train your employees.

    Seton has just made available a new GHS Labels and Safety Data Sheets training program from CLMI Safety Training, a leader in the industry. This new product, available in both English and Spanish, will help your employees understand the GHS standards in the easiest and most organized way possible. It comes with an instructor guide, PowerPoint presentation, and GHS DVD, which will enable your personnel to understand:

    • The new GHS label elements and GHS Safety Data Sheets (formerly MSDS)
    • Hazards associated with chemicals
    • First aid measures
    • Proper storage and handling techniques


    Take advantage of this opportunity to train your staff about the upcoming hazard communication standards. Doing so will put your company back on track with the implementation timeline and make for a safer workplace.



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