• Product Spotlight: Lockout/Tagout


    To ensure the safety of workers, it’s crucial to perform the correct lockout/tagout procedures on equipment before it is serviced.

    Before performing maintenance on a machine, employees must follow correct lockout/tagout procedures. This involves taking the following steps:

    • Prepare for shutdown
    • Shut down the machine
    • Disconnect or isolate the machine from its energy source
    • Apply the lockout/tagout device to the energy-isolating device
    • Release, restrain or otherwise render safe all potential hazardous stored or residual energy
    • Verify the isolation and de-energization of the machine

    Seton has a full selection of lockout/tagout products to ensure the safety and security of workers.

    In addition to lockout signs, tags and labels, Seton also offers protective clothing that helps protect workers from exposure to electrical arc flash.

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