• Working Safely in Cold Weather: Dealing With Cold Stress, Snow and Ice

    Is it just me, or does it seem like it isn't going to get warm anytime soon? Some news outlets are reporting the cold will be with us for at least snowed in construction siteanother week. For those who have to work in this weather, extra safety precautions should be taken. Generally speaking, workers working outside, in this freezing cold, are in danger of illnesses due to cold s.. Read More
  • June is National Safety Month

    It’s June 1st, Memorial Day has passed, and to many the start of summer has officially begun, but did you know it is also the start of National Safety Month? That’s right, it is an annual observance run by the The National Safety Council. June is a month dedicated to increasing education about the top causes of preventable injuries and deaths and to encourage safe behaviors at work, at home, on the road and in our communities. In June the National Safety Council (NSC) encourages businesses and communities from coast to coast to get involved and participate in National Safety Month. Each week is dedicated to a specific theme to help bring attention to a critical safety issue. Here is the line up for June 2010: Week 1 - June 1-6: Prescription Drug .. Read More
  • Stay Out of the ER During Memorial Day Weekend

    Fun in the sun, by the pool, on a boat or at a barbeque can quickly send you to the emergency department on Memorial Day if you don't plan ahead, the nation's emergency physicians warns. "We want people to have fun on Memorial Day weekend, which officially kicks off summer," said Dr. Angela Gardner, ACEP. "But having fun also means staying safe, using good judgment and taking simple precautions that will help keep you out of the ER and most importantly, keep you alive." ACEP has put together the top five tips that you and your family should fo.. Read More
  • Safe Driving Tips for Teens and Parents

    Spring and summer are the driving seasons for teens. With proms, graduations and vacation outings teens are on the road more than any other time of the year.  National Youth Traffic Safety Month is observed each May in an effort to educate, engage and empower teens and their parents to practice safe driving and to encourage their friends to do the same.

    Safe Driving Tips for Teens

    • Limit passengers: Too many people in the car can be distracting for.. Read More
  • It’s National Public Works Week

    Have you thanked your favorite city sanitation worker lately? Here’s your chance. This week is National Public Works Week - a time to recognize the tens of thousands of people that you take for granted everyday. The ones who build and maintain our infrastructure known as public works. Started in 1960 by the APWA (American Public Works Association), National Public Works Week calls attention to the imp.. Read More
  • The National Click It or Ticket Campaign Starts May 24th

    According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA),  "Click It or Ticket (CIOT) is the most successful seat belt enforcement campaign ever, helping create the highest national seat belt usage rate of 83 percent. Coast to coast, day or night, the message is simple - Click It or Ticket.” NHTSA states, “the cornerstone of NHTSA's seat belt communications program is the national.. Read More
  • Top Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

    May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  The summer riding season is here and it’s time to remind car and truck drivers they’re sharing the road with motorcycles.  According to NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration), 5,290 motorcyclists were killed and 96,000 more were injured in 2008.  Drivers -  be on the lookout for motorcycles and take care when driving near them. But Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is more than just warning drivers to be cautious o.. Read More
  • It’s North American Occupational Safety & Health Week – Stay Well, Keep Safe

    According to NAOSH (North American Occupational Safety & Health) organizers, the goal of NAOSH week is to “focus employers, employees, partners and the public on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community.” Observed throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico, NAOSH week is the perfect time to:
    • Create a positive attitude toward safety in your workplace
    • Promote a safety cul.. Read More
  • Reserved Parking Signs Make Teachers Feel Special Everyday

    Today is Teacher’s Day - a day to honor your teachers and thank them for the contributions they’ve made to your lives. Traditionally students, school boards and school administrators often show appreciation to their teachers with token gifts. But why limit teacher appreciation to just one day – or even a week? And why not give something more practical and longer-lasting than the standard shiny red apple? In many commun.. Read More
  • Old Traffic Signs Get A New Life

    Happy Earth Day! The first Earth Day was celebrated 40 years ago on April 22, 1970.  It was founded as a way to encourage people to value our natural resources and to keep our planet clean and healthy. Besides Halloween and Christmas, Earth Day is the third most celebrated holiday, with 175 countries participating in observances around the world.

    To celebrate Earth Day this year, remember to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as you can  - including those old traffic signs!

    T.. Read More