• Spring Is Here – Time To Make Sure Your First Aid Kits are Compliant

    first-aid first'-aid' (fûrst'ād') adj. n. Emergency treatment administered to an injured or sick person before professional medical care is available.
    First Aid Kits and Supplies include everything from Storage Cabinets and First Aid Kits to Refills on Pain Medications and Bandages. First Aid Kits and Supplies are necessary in every facility or warehouse, regardless of the type of product being produced. First Aid Signs, Labels and Tags are also available to remind employees of First Aid locations and procedures.
    Per the OSHA standard 1910.266 App A, the following list sets forth the minimally acceptable number and type of first-aid suppli.. Read More
  • Top Tips to Get Your Property Ready for Spring

    No matter how damaged and dirty your property looks right now, you can make it look fresh and clean again with a few simple changes. Use the list below and you can quickly transform your property into a tidy and good-looking area that you’ll be proud to show off to your customers, clients or residents.
    • Replace faded traffic and parking signs. Fresh signs not only look good, but they’ll also be easier to see, increasing driver and pedestrian safety. High-Intensity reflective signs are extra visible, especially at night. Plus, they meet Federal MUTCD regulations.
    • Keep new signs looking great for longer. It takes time and money to replace .. Read More
  • New OSHA Crane Rule Went Into Effect This Month

    OSHA’s latest rule on cranes and derricks in construction went into effect on November 8, 2010 and now impacts equipment not typically categorized as cranes in the past. The new rule, meant to prevent the leading causes of crane-related accidents and fatalities, now includes definitions referring to “multi-purpose machines”. Defined as “[machines] configured to hoist and lower (by means of a winch or hook) and horizontally move a suspended load”, users of these non-traditional crane products should be aware of these changes and how the new regulations will impact how they use their equipment. Click her.. Read More
  • Proper Labeling Can Prevent Injury or Even Death

    According to OSHA §1910.335(b),employers are required to use safety signs, labels and tags to warn and protect employees from hazards that could cause injury due to arc flashes, electrical shock, burns or failure of electrical equipment.  This is one example of how to utilize labels in your workplace.  Seton provides labeling solutions to meet all your business needs.  We offer 1,000’s of labels ranging from standard OSHA and shipping labels t.. Read More
  • Workplace Safety Begins With Personal Protective Equipment

    Employers are required to protect employees from workplace hazards that can cause injury; including sharp edges, falling objects, flying sparks, chemicals, noise and a variety of other potentially dangerous situations. To learn more about OSHA's requirements for PPE use in the workplace visit: OSHA.gov Some general guidelines for introducing PPE: - Know the different types of PPE - Selecting appropriate PPE products for a variety of workplace situations - Understanding the proper use and care of PPE Seton offers a full selection of .. Read More
  • October is National Fire Safety Month

    Fire Prevention is Everyone’s Job

    Is your facility ready for a fire, an evacuation or another emergency? According to OSHA, workplace fires and explosion kill more than 200 and injure more than 5,000 workers each year. Don’t become another statistic. Get informed, prepare and train employees to prevent and react to emergencies. Seton has all your fire safety tips this month..Check it out!
  • Showing Signs of Concern About OSHA’s New Crane Laws


    Back on August 2nd I posted a blog about an announcement made July 28, 2010 by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It was on that day we heard OSHA would be issuing a new rule addressing the.. Read More
  • School Installs 3-D ‘Girl’ to Slow Traffic

    "A school in Canada has teamed up with traffic safety groups to install something new to get motorists to slow down. The persuasive obstacle? The appearance of a girl running into the road as she chases a ball..." Click here to read the full article and watch a video to see how the illusion works. While some traffic experts fee.. Read More
  • Back to School Means School Bus and Crosswalk Safety for Everyone

    As school starts across most of the country, it’s time to sharpen our senses and refresh our “school safety” skills. Here are some tips for both motorists and pedestrians to stay safe in school zones. Drivers:
    • Welcome back school buses to the road and take extra caution around them. Anticipate children, especially in a school bus “danger zone” — the area around a bus where most injuries and deaths occur.
    • S.. Read More
  • Ooops – Pavement Markings Gone Wrong

    It's too bad there isn't a spell check for pavement markers!

    .. Read More