• How to Make Your Parking Lot ADA-Compliant

    handicappedspaces Do you know for sure if your parking lot is ADA-compliant? There is a lot to know to ensure you’re following all of the rules and regulations outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Having accessible parking is one of the most important components of the ADA. First of all, you must provide an adequate number of accessible parking spaces depending on the size of your lot. For instance, if you ha.. Read More
  • ADA Marks 24 Years: Know the Guidelines to Stay Compliant

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  • New York Updates Look of Handicapped Signage

    NY Accessible Sign Handicapped signs in New York State will soon have a new look.  On July 25, 2014, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that calls for the replacement of the current logo with one depicting a more active individual in a wheelchair. The word “handicapped” will also be eliminated from new signage. It will be replaced with the word “accessible.” Like the current handicapped symbol, the new one is also blue and white. However, the positions of the head, arms and legs promote an image of motion and mobilit.. Read More
  • Virtual Parking Lot and Spring Cleaning Kits: Spring Cleaning Made Easier

    Spring Cleanup Equipment Even though our current weather is still on the cold side in a lot of places, it's safe to say spring is slowly but surely making itself felt. And everyone knows what follows spring: spring cleaning. Considering the rather harsh cold weather we experienced recently, it should come as no surprise to anyone how potentially big spring cleaning will be this year. As part.. Read More
  • The 4 fundamental ADA general requirements

    ada triangle logoThere have been a lot of articles covering the nitty-gritty of individual Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) policies and procedures. While pouring over these it came to my attention that there are a number of businesses that tend to follow the rule of the law without understanding the spirit of it. What I mean by that is people follow the law to the letter without finding out the underlying reasons for implementation. A quick check on the .. Read More
  • Hospital Signs: Finding Ways to Improve Your Hospital Experience

    Hospital Signs

    Hospital "H" Signs

    Let’s face it: nobody wants to get hospitalized. Also, nobody wants a loved one ending up in a hospital as a patient either. It is usually a traumatic and stressful experience that no one ever hopes to get into. As overwhelming and unsettling this occurrence may be, it is sometimes necessary and unavoidable. Locating the Hospital with Ease One of the things that may add to the stres.. Read More
  • What does the ADA require in new construction?

    According to the Americans with Disabilities Act - It is required that all new construction of places of public accommodation, as well as of "commercial facilities" such as office buildings, be accessible. Elevators are generally not required in facilities under three stories or with fewer than 3,000 square feet per floor, unless the building is a shopping center or mall; the professional office of a health care provider; a terminal, depot, or other public transit station; or an airport passenger terminal. Take the first step in identifying your facilities accessible points, rooms and exits.  Seton carries a wide variety Braille Signs, Accessible Signs and ADA Compliant Signs! .. Read More
  • Over 1,000 ADA Lawsuits By Just One Man

    Over 20 years ago Scott Johnson, a lawyer, was a in a terrible accident caused by a drunk driver that left him paralyzed.  Since 2003, Johnson has been a plaintiff in over 1,000 ADA lawsuits and won over $6 million in settlements.  Johnson states “I'm an attorney and I enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act,” It’s been a law on the books now for 20 years."  With a team of assistants working with him, Johnson sends a written warning to business owners letting them know that they are in violation of ADA laws.  If action is taken by the business owners to fix the problem, Johnson then takes action by filing a lawsuit. I found this extremely interesting and incredible that one man can make such an impact.   What do you think?  Do you think he has taken it too far or should he continue on with lawsuits against companies that are not ADA compliant ?
  • Emergency Preparedness For The Disabled

     It is important for all places to have an emergency preparedness plan that is well thought out and can be executed in case of emergency or disaster.   But do those plans incorporate a procedure for people with disabilities?  There are over 41 million in the US that have some type of disability.   After the attacks of September 11, 2001,  the NOD  (National Organization on Disability) began a program to launch an Emergency Preparedness Initiative (EPI) that addressed people with disabilities are included in all levels of emergency preparedness planning, response and recover.  Today the EPI is a nationally recognized leader in emergency preparedness for people with special needs and disabilities.
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  • ADA Laws Hold Big Penalties For Non-Compliance

    In a recent case, the D.O.J. ordered a group of apartment complex developers to pay a whopping $350,000 to compensate the disabled people they harmed by building the complexes without accessibility for people with disabilities.

    The U.S. Justice Department has announced a settlement of its lawsuit alleging that the owners and developers involved in the design and construction of 21 multifamily housing complexes in Tennessee — including one in Clarksville — discriminated on the basis of disability…

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