• 3 Steps to Successful Asset Management

    SUS_BLOG_300x200_022117 It’s no secret that modern businesses - across virtually every industry - are using technology today more than ever before. But with a growing amount of devices being used on a daily basis, companies are struggling to find ways to keep track of all their assets. Whether you need to put a new asset management program in place or improve on your existing strategy, follow these three easy steps to manage your company assets: 
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  • Job Hazard Analysis: What It Is and Why You Need It

    jobhazardanalysis The purpose of a job hazard analysis is to examine job tasks and identify hazards related to those tasks before they happen. Once completed, a job hazard analysis can prevent injuries and illnesses. On a larger scale, according to OSHA, they can also yield more effective work processes, reduce workers’ compensation costs and increase worker productivity. OSHA suggests giving the highest priority to these types of jobs when planning where an analysis should be conducted:
  • New Seton Buyers Guide: Thousands of New Products to Choose From

    BuyersGuide_CoversmallerWe're happy to announce that we're increasing our commitment to bringing you the best safety equipment in the marketplace with the release of our newest catalog. Our latest catalog features thousands of new products we've added to our growing line of safety equipment.  Of course, just like every major update we've done, each product has been carefully selected to ensure you're only getting the best products when shopping at Seton. If you've already registered to receive .. Read More
  • Virtual Parking Lot and Spring Cleaning Kits: Spring Cleaning Made Easier

    Spring Cleanup Equipment Even though our current weather is still on the cold side in a lot of places, it's safe to say spring is slowly but surely making itself felt. And everyone knows what follows spring: spring cleaning. Considering the rather harsh cold weather we experienced recently, it should come as no surprise to anyone how potentially big spring cleaning will be this year. As part .. Read More
  • Custom Size Labels: The Right Sized Label All The Time

    There are many benefits to customization. In fact, a previous article mentioned 4 reasons why taking the custom route is a wise investment. To Seton offers a wide range of custom labels for any application... Read More

  • Asset Tagging: Choosing The Right Label For You

    Asset TagsProperty management is probably one of the issues that business owners fret most about. In any kind of business, you always want to keep all your assets protected. A case of one stolen piece of equipment or machine can lead to an even bigger mishap – losing confidential business information, company data, client records, and a whole lot more. So what can you do to avoid getting your machines and equipment stolen or misplaced? Easy. You can.. Read More
  • Avoid Construction Accidents Using Signs

    Construction Site Safety Signs - Keep Out

    Post construction site warning signs to avoid accidents.

    Accidents can happen in any industrial setting, but we all have to agree that construction sites can be more dangerous compared to others. According to the Organizational Safety and Health Administration or .. Read More
  • Common Types of Parking Signs

    Easy Flip Parking Lot Sign

    Inform visitors of your parking rules.

    Most drivers have first-hand knowledge of how difficult it is to find a convenient parking space. Wherever you may be, finding a proper parking place would probably mean driving around occupied lanes, losing precious time in the process, and dealing with other drivers who are in the same boat as you.  Parking signs are a means to prev.. Read More
  • ID 101: Your Guide to Choosing a Foolproof ID System

    Photo ID Badges

    Enhance facility security with ID Badges.

    Why do you use identification cards and badges? There was a time when the sole purpose of ID badges is just to identify people who are part of a certain organization. A few years back, you could stick a photo onto a card with your name on it – and there was your ID card. In fact, there are probably still a number of businesses that still u.. Read More
  • Glow In the Dark and Reflective Tape: Mark Your Way to a Safer Facility!

    Some of most common workplace accidents  BradyGlo™ Hi-Intensity Photolum Stairwell Marking Tapeand mix-ups result from improperly marked floors and work areas.  People trip over steps and obstructions every day, and don’t always get the proper directional guidance they need in a building complex. However, with the appropriate measures, such confusion.. Read More