• Housekeeping in Your Facility: Why a Clean Workplace is a Safe and Healthy Workplace

    housekeeping A clean workplace isn’t just an organized workplace. It’s also a safe and healthy one. You may think your workplace is clean and safe, but is it? Ask yourself these questions from the National Safety Council’s  (NSC) “cleaning quiz” to see how well housekeeping duties are performed in your facility.
    1. Are passageways kept clear?
    2. Does stacked material impeded workers’ vision?
    3. How often is combustible waste removed to minimize fire haza.. Read More
  • Maintenance and Personal Safety Protocols To Follow

    Fall protection equipment

    Every job has its risks.

    It is a given that accidents can occur in the workplace. In 2011, a total of 4,609 people in the United States died while they were on the job.  Many of these deaths were caused, directly or indirectly, by improper or insufficient workplace equipment and facilities. And these deficiencies are o.. Read More
  • The Hidden Hazard: Slips, Trips, and Falls

    Slips, trips and fallsSlips, trips, and falls don’t seem like a big issue. Someone trips, scrapes a knee or falls on their behind and it’s nothing to worry about, right? Well, unfortunately that is not the case. These accidents are actually responsible for 8.9 million visits to the hospital or doctor’s office annually.  It also causes 15% of all accidental deaths and 25% of reported claims in a fiscal year. These statistics say a lot about how real this danger is, and why risk management officers take it very seriousl.. Read More
  • Don’t let the flu get to you

    Cold and flu productsThis winter season won’t just be remembered for brutal cold temperatures, it also marks a flu epidemic that spread throughout the United States. By mid January, more than 40 states had reported widespread flu, or influenza, activity, causing health officials to call this flu season an epidemic. According to the .. Read More
  • Ice melt – snow melting safety products

    Snow Shoveling

    There are many different types of ice melt that are designed to quickly melt snow and ice around your facility, but with so many options, how do you know what’s the best product for you? Unfortunately, if you wait until after the storm to stock up on supplies, you could find yourself knee-deep in snow, and trouble. Load up now and avoid getting caught off guard. Calcium Chloride Ice Melt .. Read More
  • Are you ready for the next snowfall?

    Winter productsWinter has a tendency to bring a certain degree of danger with it. From slips, trips, and falls to car skids and squeals, no one is immune to winter’s wrath. However, there are winter products you can stock up on to minimize those dangers. Here’s what you need:
  • Wet Loop Versus Microfiber

    The microfiber mop is the newest mop on the market. We continue to get the question from our customers, "how does it really stack up against the conventional mop that my business has been using for years?" To start lets discuss microfiber. The fibers of a microfiber mop are a 1/16 the thickness of human hair. The fibers are a blend of mi.. Read More