• Protect Your Workers During Summer Shutdowns

    SUS7.5.16emailblogpostimage During the summer months, it’s not uncommon for companies—especially manufacturers—to shut down their operations for a week or more. It provides the opportunity to conduct much needed maintenance and repairs on equipment, ensuring productivity in the workplace the rest of the year. Sometimes, old equipment is replaced during summer shutdowns. If your facility has summer shutdowns every year, you’re probably getting ready for one right now. Do you have al.. Read More
  • Safety News You Can Use

    safetynews OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is seeking members to join its Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee. Six positions are available on Dec. 1, 2016 and OSHA is accepting nominations for management, labor and the public. Those six new members will serve a two-year term on a 12-member committee. According to OSHA, the committee was formed to provide insights to the secretary of labor and the assistant secretary for occupational safety and health on ways to improve the fairness, efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of OSHA’s whistleblower prot.. Read More
  • Spring-Time Safety: Flood Preparedness

    flood For most of us, spring-time means a lot of water around our facilities. Whether it’s from massive snow piles that have melted or just rain from those pesky April showers, it’s no surprise when extra water makes its way into and around your building. To help lessen the damage to your facility, it helps to be prepared before any flooding occurs. Certain steps should be taken during and after flooding to reduce the impact of any flood-related issues. FEM.. Read More
  • Winter Productivity: Improving Inventory Systems

    Rail Hanging SystemIt is already midway through the Q2 of the 2014 fiscal year and businesses are starting to feel the stifling effects of the winter season. While some industries are thriving under these circumstances, most businesses are stalling their production and operations due to severe working conditions. A good strategy for companies to stay productive during this season is to strengthen their Inventory Management to keep supplies intact and ready for the economic bo.. Read More
  • Equipment, Workers or Walls: A No-Win Dilemma?

    Reform Foam Impact ProtectorsDamaged property or an injured employee, which risk are you more willing to take? High-traffic warehouses sometimes get thrown into this no-win trade-off for many reasons—cost cutting, lack of training, slack safety regulations, etc. All are wrong reasons to sacrifice one important asset over the other. And although some common incidents—like a forklift crashing into a wall, a freight trolley bumping into a column, and a worker hitting a low head clearance—are inevitable, the resulting damage is not. Why fall into the constant pit of paint jobs, equipmen.. Read More
  • The Essential Lock Box Guide

    Combo Storage Cabinet Group LockboxA lock box is a pretty common term in the real-estate business, as well as in the banking industry. However, it also means something to those in industrial and manufacturing: safety. These items, when used with a proper lockout.. Read More
  • Oil Rig Fatality Rates Lead to Improved Technology

    Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico

    An oil rig somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.

    On April 20, 2010, 11 workers were killed in the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, which also sent millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Following this .. Read More
  • Ultra-Stick: The Next Evolution in Labels

    OSHA Header Custom Hazard Warning LabelsLabels are the unsung heroes of the business world. They make everything from inventory checks to easy item identification possible at a glance. They also keep people safe from harm by marking particularly dangerous devices and can even provide information on when the item was last serviced.  What’s not to love about them, right? Well, as anyone who’s had .. Read More
  • Maintenance and Personal Safety Protocols To Follow

    Fall protection equipment

    Every job has its risks.

    It is a given that accidents can occur in the workplace. In 2011, a total of 4,609 people in the United States died while they were on the job.  Many of these deaths were caused, directly or indirectly, by improper or insufficient workplace equipment and facilities. And these deficiencies are o.. Read More
  • The Hidden Hazard: Slips, Trips, and Falls

    Slips, trips and fallsSlips, trips, and falls don’t seem like a big issue. Someone trips, scrapes a knee or falls on their behind and it’s nothing to worry about, right? Well, unfortunately that is not the case. These accidents are actually responsible for 8.9 million visits to the hospital or doctor’s office annually.  It also causes 15% of all accidental deaths and 25% of reported claims in a fiscal year. These statistics say a lot about how real this danger is, and why risk management officers take it very seriousl.. Read More