• Product Spotlight: Traffic and Parking Signs

    stopsign Spring clean-up is in full swing throughout the country these days. For most organizations, that means getting their facility’s grounds in shape. If you haven’t already, start looking around your grounds for damaged or broken traffic and parking signs, as well as posts. These signs are crucial to your facility’s safety and they need to be in good condition and clearly visible to be effective. Seton has a full selection of the traffic and parking signs you need to keep your facility properly marked and identified, .. Read More
  • MUTCD Traffic Signs: Past, Present, and Future

    School Bus Crossing

    Yellow-green signs are a newer edition to the MUTCD standards.

    The rules of the road have come a long way since the first stop sign appeared in Detroit in 1915, and they continue to evolve with new technologies and more cars on the road than ever. The MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Co.. Read More