• Flammable Storage Cabinets Prevent Disasters

    Flammable Storage Cabinets

    Keep people and property safe by using flammable storage cabinets.

    Flammable storage cabinets save lives and property. The staff of Kaikoura High School in New Zealand was made well aware of this fact when they narrowly avoided a hazardous chemical catastrophe. According to a Marlborough Express .. Read More
  • How to read the NFPA Diamond and Color Bar System

    The NFPA rating scale and bar code system supports the NFPA 704.  Defined by the NFPA, the objectives of the NFPA 704 System are:
    • To provide an appropriate signal or alert for the protection of both public and private emergency response personnel
    • To assist in planning for effective fire and emergency control operations, including clean-up
    • To assist all designated personnel, engineers, plant, and safety personnel in evaluating hazards
    The NFPA Rating scale is displayed as a diamond and consists of four segments including health hazard, fire hazard, specific hazard, and instability. They are also color-coded as follows: blue for health, red for flammability, white for specific hazard and yellow for instability.  The NFPA C.. Read More
  • Properly Marking Stairwells – NFPA Life Safety Code

    Installing proper signage in buildings can be the key to fast exits during an emergency.  The are specific sign requirements for buildings that have 5 floors or more. According to the NFPA Life Safety Code "Stairs serving five or more stories shall be provided with signage within the enclosure at each floor landing. The signage shall indicate the story, the terminus of the top and bottom of the stair enclosure, and the identification of the stair enclosure. T.. Read More