• 4 Factors to Pick Out Pipe Markers and Valve Tags

    Pipe Markers and Valve Tags Though it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about workplace safety, identifying the various pipes and valves in your plumbing system is essential to keeping individuals safe and ensuring you are in compliance at all times. That said, there are four main factors to consider when choosing pipe markers and valve tags, according to ANSI/ASME S.. Read More
  • 5 Tips to Picking Pipe Markers

    SUS_BLOG_300x200_022817_Construction_022117 Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to workplace safety, pipe marking is essential to keep employees safe. Pipe marking ensures that workers know what is inside every pipe at all times. Follow these five tips to pick out the right pipe markers:
    1. 1. Decide how many Before you place an order for pipe markers, .. Read More
  • Seton Case Study: First of Its Kind Pipe Installation Requires One-of-a-Kind Solution from Seton

    casestudyemailimageforblog Seton specializes in creating personalized solutions for its customers. For one customer, that personalized solution required the design and creation of extremely large pipe markers featuring colors that had never been used before. DC Water (District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority) runs the world’s largest advanced wastewater treatment facility, the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. It was.. Read More
  • Inspection Perfection: Tips When Inspecting Pipe Markers

    Pipe Accident

    When you have extensive piping infrastructure in your facility, it’s critical that you mark this properly with appropriate pipe markers.However, it can be just as important to keep those pipeline markers properly maintained, inspecting them regularly for signs of deterioration. This is especially important when preparing for safety inspections as degraded or imprope.. Read More

  • Size Matters: Introducing the Smallest Pipe Marker Ever

    Setmark® Snap-Around Pipe MarkersIf labeling very small pipes pester you, then your worrying days are over! Identifying and marking small pipes is now easy, thanks to Seton's newest Setmark® pipe marker size! This latest and smallest pipe marker size (8XSM) can conveniently fit pipes with an outer diameter of 3/8” to 1/2” (with a 5/16" letter height). What’s more, this little marker .. Read More
  • Three Essential Tools for Optimizing Your Pipe Marker Purchases

    Pipe MarkersWhen your facility houses a large amount of pipes, identifying and organizing all of them can be a challenge. In fields such as oil or chemical handling, manufacturing, and even facility management and construction, pipes carrying all types of substances will multiply rapidly. Having inadequately labeled pipes can lead to accidents and injuries, and you can prevent this by getting educated about pipe markers! Luckily, we have a ro.. Read More
  • Xtreme-Code™ Pipe Markers: Holding Up While Temperatures Drop

    Custom Xtreme-Code™ Self-Adhesive High Performance Pipe Markers Temperatures are dropping all over the country, and regions unused to cold weather suddenly have to deal with below-freezing conditions that ice up roads and pipes. In situations like this, you must gauge if your pipe markers can hold up in the cold. After all, frozen or unreadab.. Read More
  • Pipe Marking 101: Your Guide to Getting the Right Pipe Markers

    Pipe Markers

    ANSI compliant pipe markers

    Pipe markers and labels are important to facility safety. By using the right kind of markers, you can easily identify pipe contents and the related hazards that may come with them. However, with many options available in the market today, choosing the right pipe marker can get a bit confusing. There are several factors you .. Read More
  • Fasten’er up or it’s going to be a bumpy ride

    Facilities typically have lots of pipes and valves that need to be labeled and organized. But after you get all the tags and the labels you need, then what? How do you attach them? There is a dozen different ways to attach tags and labels to pipes, valves, cabinets, machinery and any other place you can think of. Always remember that anything worth doing should be done right the first time. That’s why it’s crucial to select the perfect fastener to fit each situation to ensure valuable information isn’t lost. There are several different categories of fasteners to consider before selecting one. .. Read More
  • How to Choose a Pipe Marker

    It's important to pick the right pipe marker to suit your facility.

    Choosing the right pipe marker is a crucial step towards having an efficient and safe facility, as well as achieving proper certification for new construction. All visible pipes must be properly identified- contents, direction of flow, ownership, additional information if there are special hazards involved, etc. But where do you start? How will you know if you've chosen the right .. Read More