• 3 Steps to Successful Asset Management

    SUS_BLOG_300x200_022117 It’s no secret that modern businesses - across virtually every industry - are using technology today more than ever before. But with a growing amount of devices being used on a daily basis, companies are struggling to find ways to keep track of all their assets. Whether you need to put a new asset management program in place or improve on your existing strategy, follow these three easy steps to manage your company assets: 
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  • Top Reasons Why A Barcode Scanner Is Good For Business

     Datalogic™ Gryphon Bar Code Scanner

    Bar code scanners are ideal for inventory control, asset tracking, and more.

    Managing company assets can be a very challenging task. Machines, computers, phone devices, and a lot more things can be replaced, moved to different locations, or reassig.. Read More
  • Asset Tags – Know Where Your Things Are

    bar-coded-asset-tagsKeeping track of your property, expensive equipment and other assets is a common challenge business owners everywhere face. This particular task can be very troublesome, especially without the proper knowledge and equipment needed to employ an effective asset management system. One of the most effective ways to keep track of your properties is through the use of asset tags. There are man.. Read More
  • Three facilities that need asset tags

    When you think about asset tags, the first thing that comes to mind is an industrial facility, such as a factory. After all that’s where they are commonly used. However, people forget that they can be used in many different places or situations.
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  • Bar Codes Cut Drug Errors in Hospitals

    A recent study done at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston shows using bar codes can help reduce hospital drug errors. Under Brigham and Women's Hospital's new system, bar codes are placed on each patient's wrist band as well as on each container of medicine. A patient's prescriptions are entered into their electronic chart. Before nurses give a medication to a patient, they scan the bar code on the patient's wrist band and then the bar code on the container of medicine. The system tells the nurse if it's the wrong medicine or if they are giving t.. Read More
  • Is Your Cell Phone A Bar Code Scanner?

    These days, there’s not much a cell phone can’t do.  Now, new bar code scanning technology is turning cell phones into bar code scanners.  This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  Currently this application is only available for Smartphones or Mobile PC phones that run software.  Your Smartphone must also have a camera attached but nowadays almost every cell phone has a camera. In Japan, McDonalds started placing bar codes on the Hamburger foil, allowing customers to scan the foil and view nutritional information on .. Read More
  • Bar Codes Saving Forests

    Image courtesy of REUTERS/Helveta/Handout

    We may not think of comparing the tree lifters stealing timber supplies from tropical rainforests to shoplifters in Target or Walmart, but why not?  Local retailers protect themselves from theft by electronically tagging merchandise with bar codes so how about applying that same method to prevent theft in the rainforests?  The British tech company heading the effort feels that forests can benefit from the same theft prevention methods used by retailers.. Read More
  • Turning Bar Codes Into Art

    What has been known as a simple form of asset identification has now been transformed into a piece of bar code art by the folks at Design Barcode. Design Barcode brings creativity into their bar code art by combining imagination with an eye for detail. Their artwork is divided into a wide range of categories including beverages, sports, fashion and crafts.  Their designs demonstrate the creative ways bar codes can go from basic to engaging with a few simple additions.  Check out their .. Read More
  • What Is UID Compliance?

    Unique Item Identification (UID) is a mandate that was issued by the Department of Defense which requires all solicitations, contracts, or delivery orders for tangible items delivered to the government to be marked with a unique identification number if:
    1. Unit acquisition cost is over $5,000.00
    2. Serially managed
    3. Mission essential
    4. Controlled inventory
    5. A consumable item or material where permanent identification is necessary
    A UID is a 2-D data matrix symbol. This matrix is comprised of data which is scanned and interpreted into three parts: CAGE Code, Serial Number, and Part Number. Together these parts make a unique serialized identification number for items which the Department of Defense will use for lifecycle management. .. Read More
  • Bar Codes – You’ve come a long way baby!

    A slogan once used to promote Virginia Slim cigarettes; it can also be used to describe the history of the modern day bar code. This coming Saturday, June 26, marks the anniversary of the first bar code used in a checkout line in 1974. A pack of Wrigley’s gum was swiped across the first checkout scanner at a supermarket in Troy, OH. What started as a mere idea in 1938 has now developed into a convenient way to track your assets. As we approach this day I’d like remind you that Seto.. Read More