• 4 Steps to Set up Wayfinding Around Your Healthcare Facility

    SUS_BLOG_300x200_030717 Although any unfamiliar building can be confusing to explore, healthcare facilities can be even more cumbersome to navigate as a result of their large size and complexity. As a result, healthcare facilities often require Wayfinding Signage to help individuals avoid getting lost. Here are four steps to setting up wayfinding around your healthcare facility:
    1. 1. Keep it simple. .. Read More
  • 10 Must-Have Safety Signs for OSHA Compliance

    OSHA44 According to the Hazard Communication Standard from OSHA, organizations must post safety signs that comply with standards from the American National Standard Institute from either 1967-1968 (ANSI Z53.1, Z35.1 and Z35.2) or 2011 (ANSI Z535.1, Z535.2 and Z535.5). The most effective way to communicate warnings and other important safety messages to employees and visitors alike is through the use of safety signs. For details regarding the specific signs you should hang at your facilities, visit OSHA.com. In the meantime, hang these 10 ty.. Read More
  • Safety Slogans: A Reminder A Day Keeps Hazards Away

    safety slogan mirrorsSafety slogans for the workplace are posted to serve as reminders of the importance of safe work practices and the dangers that exist when these safety rules are not followed. Whether there is a severe weather condition, harmful threat, a fire or power outage, everyone in your facility will be reminded what to do. Workplace slogans for safety are usually short and catchy to communicate a message people can recall. Some slogans are written as a simple st.. Read More
  • Giant Custom Signs for Giant Recognition

    It's a somewhat universally acknowledged truth that establishments need to be seen in order for a customer to find them. Businesses still require proper signage to create a brand with which people can identify. In some case, even standardized signs are not sufficient enough. A Customized Fit A well-crafted signage appeals to the attention of the general public. Whether the signage is to be a billboard, awning, or marquee, it has a limited window in which to call the attention of potential customers. As such, signages should be designed to identify the establishment in a unique and interesting way. This is where generic signs often come up short. While templates may have generic appeal, they do not offer much by way of range of styles and design. Lack.. Read More
  • Video: How to Install a U-Channel Sign Post

    When you're planning to buy new traffic or parking signs, you're probably also thinking about how you will install sign posts. With the right tools and techniques, your new signs and posts can be put up to stand the test of time. Watch this brief video to learn the correct way to install  U-Channel sign posts.
  • Sprucing Up Parks for Spring and Summer

    Trash Signs - Place Trash Here Public parks belong to everyone! That's the idea behind New York City's It's My Park DayCoordinated by the City Parks Foundation, this program is working with roughly 300 community groups to improve and beautify public spaces. Activities include mulching, litter pick-up, tree planting, and educational shows and.. Read More
  • Eco-Friendly Signs Just One Way to “Go Green”

    smallecofriendly Earth Day, an annual worldwide celebration on April 22, is the perfect time to assess your organization’s safety program and work to make it more “green.” One effective way in which to accomplish this is through the use of green safety products, including eco-friendly signs. Eco-friendly signs, which are 100% recyclable, still help organizations meet compliance regulations. They also fit into workplaces dedicated to obtaining and maintaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Desi.. Read More
  • Product Spotlight: Traffic and Parking Signs

    stopsign Spring clean-up is in full swing throughout the country these days. For most organizations, that means getting their facility’s grounds in shape. If you haven’t already, start looking around your grounds for damaged or broken traffic and parking signs, as well as posts. These signs are crucial to your facility’s safety and they need to be in good condition and clearly visible to be effective. Seton has a full selection of the traffic and parking signs you need to keep your facility properly marked and identified, .. Read More
  • Clearing Up the ANSI Sign Confusion

    We’ve heard from many customers that they need some clarity around which safety signs they need in their facility to ensure OSHA-compliance. We definitely understand the confusion and we want to help clear it up. In September 2013, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) updated its signage regulations to add the 2011 ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z535 safety sign standards on specifications for accident prevention signs and tags. This update doesn’t limit sign choice. Instead, it makes it even broader. Facilities can use the current OSHA signs or the ANSI Z535 signs. Facility managers can purchase whichever signs work best for their facility.

    Both signs effectively communicate safety messages, al.. Read More

  • MUTCD Traffic Signs: Past, Present, and Future

    School Bus Crossing

    Yellow-green signs are a newer edition to the MUTCD standards.

    The rules of the road have come a long way since the first stop sign appeared in Detroit in 1915, and they continue to evolve with new technologies and more cars on the road than ever. The MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Co.. Read More