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Pipe Marking

Quickly and easily identify pipes and pipe contents

Why mark your pipes?

  • Drastically reduce the risk of hazards
  • Quickly communicate critical information that assists in decision making
  • Communicate critical information to key response personnel such as pipe content, flow direction, origin and destination

Pipe Marking

Choose Your Pipe Marker

  1. Pipe Marker Type

    Step 1: Choose your Type


    Snap-Around Pipe Markers:

    • Pre-coiled pipe markers SNAP in place; no tape or adhesives necessary
    • Ideal for indoor or outdoor pipes
    • No need to clean pipes - suits dirty, oily, greasy or rough surfaces
    • Printed with UV ink for fade resistance (5-8 years outdoor life)

    Self-Adhesive Pipe Markers:

    • Self-adhesive - simply peel and press pipe marker into place
    • Ideal for indoor or outdoor pipes
    • Suitable for dry and clean pipes
    Choose Your Wording
  2. Pipe Marker Wording

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  3. Pipe Marker Style

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  4. Pipe Marker Size

    Step 4: Choose your Size

    Seton Pipe Marking Systems Meet ASME(ANSI)

    Size Recommendations. The A13.1-2007 standard also makes recommendations as to the size of letter height and length of color field for various pipe diameters. These recommendations are shown in the table below. Seton markers, used properly with arrows and banding tape or arrow tape, meet or exceed the standard.

    Choose Your Color
  5. Pipe Marker Color

    Step 5: Choose your Color

    ANSI/ASME A13.1-2007 Colors:

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  6. Review Choices

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Eliminate confusion by labeling all pipes on your construction site. Not only are they essential for proper maintenance, they also remind workers to take proper precautions should the pipes contain hazardous chemicals. Seton carries a huge assortment of pipe markers for your business, including high performance markers, self-adhesive, snap around pipe markers, pipe markers in roll-form, custom markers and many more.