Custom Cable Seals

Custom cable seals come in a variety of colors, sizes and options. Some options include starting number, barcode and wording.

Create your own seals when standard legends, sizes or colors are insufficient

Seton's custom cable seals are great for identifying and securing containers with, at the same time. 

With a self-locking mechanism, you won't need tools to install these seals. You can also rest assured that once sealed, your package remains secure until someone removes these with the help of cable cutters. Some of these steel seals are also compliant with government regulations.

These cable seals also facilitate easy tracking and inventory of containers, boxes, tankers, drums and many more with its customizable text and numbering option. Through the use of Seton's Design Your Own online app, you can customize the text and numbering that you want to have printed on these high security seals to suit your company's inventory and tracking systems.