Custom Ultra-Mark® Snap-Around High Performance Pipe Markers

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Quick Overview

Snap-on custom pipe markers are the best for outdoor and harsh environments

Product Details

  • Ultra-Mark® High Performance Pipe Markers Spec Sheet Available
  • View ANSI/ASME A13.1 Pipe Marking Guidelines for standards around identifying pipe contents, as well as size, color, and placement of the identification device
  • Snap-on custom Ultra-Mark® High Performance Pipe Markers are the best for outdoor and harsh environments
  • Ideal for dirty, oily, greasy or rough surfaces including stainless steel
  • Over-laminated polyester construction seals in and protects graphics
  • Markers resist abrasion, chemicals, high-humidity and outdoor weather
  • Pipe markers are pre-coiled for easy wrap-around installation on pipes 1/2" in diameter up to over 10" in diameter
  • Larger pipes fasten with free nylon ties
  • Arrows included on every marker to indicate flow direction (unless specified otherwise)
  • Pipe temperature range - 40°F to 248°F
  • Available in 6 marker sizes and 9 colors - see our size chart to see what size marker is right for your application
  • All colors meet ANSI guidelines
  • The following colors meet Medical Gas Specifications: White with Black Letters, Black with White Letters, Gray with White Letters and Orange with Black Letters
  • Sold individually