Haws® Lead-Free Emergency Mixing Valves

Haws® Lead-Free Emergency Mixing Valves

Mixing valve allows eyewash stations to provide clean tempered water

  • Thermostatic mixing valves that combine hot and cold water
  • Designed to provide tempered water with flow of up to 12, 74, and 78 GPM respectively
  • Eyewash station utilities employ paraffin filled thermostatic mixing element
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Quick Overview

Mixing valve allows eyewash stations to provide clean tempered water

Haws® Lead-Free Emergency Mixing Valves

  • Allow lowest internal pressure to drop when supply pressure is low
  • High cold water bypass flow rate of 10, 50 and 79 GPM respectively
  • Built to allow hot water to flow if cold supply fails, at a rate of 0.0 GPM
  • Mixing valves feature modular brass design with supplied check valves and oversized valve seats
  • Built with internal check stops, oversized valve seats, and a patent pending shuttle design to eliminate valve sticking
  • Valves employ patent pending funnel design for better temperature control, and for improved mixing at low flow rates
  • Lime and calcium resistant components used throughout
  • 85°F (26°C) outlet temperature factory setting
  • 125 psi maximum operating pressure
  • 180°F (82°C) maximum inlet temperature
  • 140°F (60°C) recommended inlet temperature
  • 120°F (49°C) minimum inlet temperature
  • Inlets 1-1/4" NPT(F), outlet 1-1/4" NPT(F)
  • Meets ASSE 1071 standard and applicable sections of CSA B125.3
  • CSA certified
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Available Options

Ew Gpm 12, 74, 78.
Manufacturers Part Number TWBS.EWE, TWBS.HF, TWBS.SHE.

Additional Information - MA1132


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