LPS® - Force 842°® Dry Moly Lubricants

Supplied in: Case of 12 Canisters
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Quick Overview

Quick-drying lubricants & penetrants

Product Details

  • LPS® lubricants & penetrants are fortified with molybdenum disulfide for superior effectivity
  • Provides quick-drying, thin film
  • Ideal for assembly and break-in lubrication
  • Works under high temperature (842° F/450° C) and pressures (100,000 psi or 6890 Bars)
  • Prevents seizure of parts
  • Excellent for cables
  • High adhesion
  • Not recommended for friction bearings or light-duty bearings
  • Resistant to water, chemical, dust and dirt


Color: Gray
Easy Reorder Eligible: Yes
Item Type: Lubricant
Manufacturer Name: LPS®
Manufacturer Part Number: LPS® 02516
Maximum Application Temperature: 842 °F
Resistance Properties: Chemical-Resistant; Dirt-Resistant; Dust-Resisitant; Water-Resisitant