Brass Nameplates

Brass name plates guaranteed to resist rusting and corrosion

Brass name plates are used for a variety of labeling purposes. Their applications include inventory control, product identification, and informing workers of specific instructions and potential hazards.  Provide your facility with the best brass nameplates from Seton.  Our brass name plates can be used on items such as pipes, heavy equipment and machinery, as well as electronics, computers, and appliances.  Use our line of brass tags can be customized to indicate warnings, working instructions, manufacturers' information, date of manufacture, voltage usage and other necessary details. Make sure that workers can recognize your facility's equipment, machinery, and other products.  Choose the best brass name plates for your needs from Seton.

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    Custom Embossed Radiator ID Tags

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  • Stock Brass & Aluminum Tags

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Brass name plates display important equipment or product information
Brass nameplates are used on many items to indicate the brand, manufacturer, and other details about items, equipment or products.  Apply them strategically on your items to increase the impact of your facility's logo or brand name as well.  Identify your machinery and other items with brass name plates from Seton. 
Brass tags are usually designed for long-term use and identification.
Seton's brass stock tags are designed to meet certain requirements for extensive use.  Performance in tough environments is also factored in during the manufacturing processes, so that you can use our nameplates even in industrial locations.  Our blank equipment nameplates can be mounted or bound to the item that you are labeling by use of screws, rivets, or adhesive.
No need to worry about how to match our equipment name plates with your items, either. Choose from our range of selections that vary in design, color, and size.  Additional features and production techniques also allow for different styles of etching, branding, and engraving. You may also brass name plates them to enhance your items' aesthetic value, to display product information, such as serial codes, or to indicate quality approval or recognition.
Make sure your facility's machinery and other items are properly identified using brass name plates from Seton.