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Seton carries a variety of High Performance Pipe Markers, including Custom XtremeCode, Xtreme-Code High Performance, Ultra-Mark, Ultra-Mark Custom High Performance and Ultra-Mark High Performance. These markers provide superior durability and protection against abrasion, chemicals, high-humidity and outdoor weather due to the over-laminate polyester. They are ideal for dirty, oily, gready or rough surfaces including stainless steel pipes. Chose form self-adhesive peel and press stickers or snap-around markers that are pre-coiled for easy installation.

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When regular performance pipe markers just won't do, it's time to step u to High Performance Pipe Markers for your building, office, facility or building project. High Performance Pipe Markers from Seton take the guesswork out of pipe identification. Bright colors, easy-to-read legends, and simple installation are just a few of the characteristics of these high-quality markers. Seton offers many words and legends on their pipe marking products, including: Chlorine Dioxide Liquid, Compressed Air, Domestic Hot Water Return, Fuel Oil and many others.