Pipe Banding Tape

Mark your pipes with highly colorful duct tape and Pipe Banding Tape from Seton.Economic, durable and easy to apply

Pipe Markers Buying Guide

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  • Arrows-On-A-Roll Tape

    $32.50 - $129.80
  • Pipe Banding Tape

    $17.40 - $83.50

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Pipe Banding Tape and Duct Tape are colorful, easy to apply, and a very cost-effective method for marking pipes and a whole lot more. Seton carries 11 colors of Pipe Banding Tape, including Black, Green, Grey, Purple and Red. Use a different color for each different pipe you mark. Red for "hot water," blue for "cold water" and so on. Duct tape is also very handy and we carry a selection for your business.