Brass Valve Tags

Brass valve tags are great for on-site identification

Brass valve tags help you comply with federal regulations concerning the proper labeling of pipes and valves around your facility. At Seton, we offer a variety of durable options that won’t rust or corrode, ensuring your facility stays compliant for years to come. Create a custom brass valve tag to suit any situation. For example, we offer Custom Engraved Brass Valve Tags that can be customized to reflect your valve number, location or even function. Made from 19 gauge brass, these brass valve tags can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F. Keep your business compliant using brass valve tags from Seton.

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When you need to label a valve or pipe system, you can't go wrong with brass valve tags.

The look of brass is classic. Brass valve tags are affixed to a chain and hung on a pipe valve to identify that valve by number, letter, code or by its contents. Choose your brass valve tag from various sizes and shapes, including round, triangle, hexagon, octagon and square.

Seton offers these tags in a variety of styles and customizations and they can be stamped or color filled. If you’re in need of a blank option, consider our Blank Brass Valve Tags. These durable 19-gauge brass valve tags are available in several sizes and shapes and can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F.

We also offer Custom Fire Sprinkler Valve ID Tags to help you quickly identify the various different sprinkler lines in your facility. These brass valve tags comply with NFPA 13 guidelines for proper identification of sprinkler valves and come in various sizes. These brass tags are able to withstand temperatures up to 1200°F, while the colored wording can go up to 233°F.