Nylon Fasteners

Use a nylon fastener to attach any kind of identification tag

Nylon fasteners are perfect for attaching valve tags and other identification information to pipes and valves around your facility. A nylon fastener is a strong, durable and economic option for any facility. Nylon ties are also incredibly versatile, as they can be used in temperatures from hot to cold and even in damp areas. At Seton, we offer several options to suit all your needs, including reclosable nylon ties. These 8” ties have a quick release tab for easy application and can be used several times. What’s more impressive is they can hold up to 40 pounds! Pick up all the nylon fasteners you need today.

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Use nylon fasteners to attach tags and labels to cables, pipes and valves all around your facility. If you’re looking for an economic solution to label pipes, valves and even inventory items, consider using a nylon fastener. Nylon ties are incredibly strong and can withstand conditions from hot to cold, and dry to damp. They are also flexible and easy to use.

Seton offers several nylon fasteners that would work for any application, including Transposafe® Nylon Ties that can be hooked together to create just the length you need. We also offer an assortment of Transposafe® Colored Nylon Cable Ties that have a 40 pound tensile strength. Choose from a rainbow of colors to reflect your facility’s color-coding structure.

If you’re in the market for nylon fasteners that are specifically for safety tags, then you’re looking for Safety Tag Nylon Ties. Available in red, yellow, orange or natural these fasteners are designed to be used with safety or inspection tags.

With so many nylon fasteners available, you’re sure to find the perfect one, right here at Seton.