Premium Lockout Kit

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Quick Overview

Convenient lockout kits for electrical and valve lockout situations

Product Details

  • (3) safety lockouts
  • (3) keyed-differently padlocks
  • (14) padlock labels
  • (20) lockout tags
  • (5) electrical breaker lockouts
  • (1) plug lockout
  • (1) lockout training booklet
  • (2) gate valve lockouts
  • (1) wall switch lockout
  • (10) 5"W x 3"H vinyl signs
  • (5) 7"W x 5"H vinyl signs
  • (1) A/C volt sensor pen
  • (1) case to hold all components


Depth: 8"
Device Types in Kit: Circuit Breaker;Padlock;Plug;Switch;Valve
Dimensions: 8" D
Easy Reorder Eligible: Yes
Enables Industry Compliance: OSHA
Includes: (1) A/C Volt Sensor Pen;(1) Carrying Case;(1) Plug Lock-Out;(1) Wall Switch Lock-Out;(10) Vinyl Signs (5" x 3");(14) Padlock Labels;(2) Gate Valve Lock-Outs;(20) Lock-Out Tags With Nylon Ties;(3) Keyed Differently Padlocks;(3) Lock-Out Hasps;(3) Lock-Out Training Booklets;(5) Electrical Breaker Lock-Outs;(7) Vinyl Signs (7" x 5")
Item Type: Lockout Kit
Language: English
Storage Container Color: Gray
Storage Container Type: Toolbox

Technical Information