Pipe markers and valve tags help identify hazardous materials

Pipe markers and valve tags provide information about hazardous materials in pipe systems and their hazards when those materials are released into the environment. This information can help workers take proper precautions and stay safe.

Pipe Markers and Valve Tags

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ASME Standard for Pipe Identification

The ASME (ANSI) Standard A13.1-2015 for pipe identification is a widely used guideline in determining pipe identification requirements. The purpose of the standard is to “assist in identification of hazardous materials conveyed in piping systems and their hazards when released into the environment.” Pipes are defined as conduits for the transport of gasses, liquids, semi-liquids or fine particulate dust.”

Seton’s pipe marking products meet ASME (ANSI) size recommendations, color recommendations, and the visibility standard.

Size Recommendations

The ASME standard also recommends the appropriate letter heights and the length of color field for different pipe sizes or diameters.

Color Recommendations

Unmarked pipes mean danger—to both life and property. Numerous injuries have occurred through ignorance of pipe contents, particularly when outside agencies are called in under emergency conditions.

Visibility Standard

Markers should be readily visible from the normal approach viewpoint of personnel. Seton pipe markers instantly tell you all you need to know about pipe contents, direction of flow and whether its flowing contents are a hazard or are safe.

Getting ASME Compliant Pipe Markers is Easy

  1. Choose Your Style: Select from snap-around markers, self-adhesive markers, and high-performance markers
  2. Choose the Right Size: Seton markers, used properly with arrows and banding tape or arrow tape, meet or exceed the standard.
  3. Choose Your Wording: Over 150 stock legends are available. If you can’t find what you need, we can customize markers to your exact wording.
  4. Choose the Right Color: Seton pipe marking systems including roll-form pipe markers and specialty pipe markers meet ASME (ANSI) Color Recommendations and A13.1-2007 Standard for Visibility.
  5. Determine Quantity Based on Proper Marker Placement: Markers shall be installed in areas that help make them pronounced and noticeable to plant personnel from their normal viewpoint. Pipe markers should always accurately reveal and symbolize pipe contents, its direction and if it’s hazardous or not.

Pipes shall be marked…

  • Adjacent to all valves and flanges
  • At both sides of floor or wall penetrations
  • Adjacent to changes in directions
  • Every 25’ to 50’ intervals on straight runs

Valve Tags

Valve tags enable accurate and effective labeling of a facility’s machinery, products, parts and tools. They can be customized to represent valve numbers, location and pipe function.

Valve tags are available in a variety of materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, stamped plastic and anodized aluminum. Setonply® valve tags are available in several colors, including black, blue, green, red, white and yellow.