Safety Mirrors - Outdoor Convex

Safety Mirrors - Outdoor Convex

Mirrors prevent accidents and theft in your plant, warehouse and office

  • Easily monitor your facility inside and out by providing a wide or enhanced field of vision
  • All safety mirrors are made of a lightweight, impact resistant acrylic (or stainless steel where noted) Selection based upon type of intersection and amount of square footage that needs to be seen
  • Outdoor convex mirrors provide maximum visibility in many different corner configurations, help prevent collisions where dangerous corners exist, and provide surveillance views on a wide amount of square footage from a fixed observation point
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Quick Overview

Mirrors prevent accidents and theft in your plant, warehouse and office


Safety Mirrors - Outdoor Convex

  • Outdoor convex mirrors come complete with adjustable mounting hardware
  • Outdoor convex mirrors offer a 60° angle of view and are made of a weatherproof metal frame ideal for loading docks, stockyards, come complete with telescoping arm and mounting bracket
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Available Options

Size 12"W x 18"H, 15"W x 24"H, 18" Dia., 20"W x 30"H, 26" Dia., 30" Dia., 34" Dia., 36" Dia., 36"W x 24"H, 48" Dia..
Material Acrylic, Stainless Steel.
Viewing Area 15', 20', 25', 30', 35', 45'.

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