Biohazard Labels

Indicate harmful waste in the facility

Biohazards are materials, wastes or agents that, when left exposed, present serious health and safety risks to humans and the environment. As such, containers where biohazards are to be stored prior to shipment or disposal must always be properly labeled. Biohazard Labels are the proper safety labels for this purpose.Choose from our various hazardous waste labels to meet your requirements including bilingual labels necessary if you have a multilingual workforce.

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Protect the people in your establishment from hazardous waste

Biohazardous waste
is any form of waste that poses a serious risk of infection among humans. Biohazardous waste comes in different variants. These include virus or bacteria specimens, blood, bodily fluids or excrement, and body parts or tissues from either humans or animals.

As such, biohazardous waste containers should be identified with the proper safety labels, so that workers can safely and efficiently collect them for storage and disposal. Make sure that any infectious waste in your facility is properly identified with Biohazard Labels.  Seton offers you a variety of choices to suit your needs.