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Enhance your eyewash by using eyewash solutions to flush out harmful chemicals.

Eyewash solutions enhance the cleaning power of your eyewash stations, drench hoses, or other emergency rinsing devices by using special fluid such as saline solution or treated water to maximize the cleansing ability of the eyewash
Eyewash solutions can be essential in the case of flushing out particularly corrosive chemicals from workers' faces or skin, as these solutions are often treated to neutralize the harmful properties of some materials, or to mitigate potential injury
Choose the best solutions to fit your needs, such as isotonic eyewash solutions or saline solution

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Your workers work hard to make your facilities run, so they deserve the best in care when the worst happens. This means you need to keep your eyewash stations in good condition and be equipped with eyewash solutions, so they can provide optimal care in case of emergency. Eyewash solutions will maximize the effectiveness of your eye wash kit, which is a critical consideration in the event of a spill, gas leak, or other emergency that risks giving workers severe injuries such as chemical burns or poisoning. When that happens, saline eye wash solutions and special eye washes are necessary to neutralize hazardous chemicals before they take effect on the skin or organs of an exposed worker.
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