Eyewash Tags

Keep eyewash inspection records handy and up-to-date

  • Quickly identify your facility or lab's eyewash stations by using eyewash tags
  • Eyewash tags are ideal for conveying needed information at the point for use with minimal static or loss of communication
  • Eyewash tags are essential parts of your inspection routine and display critical inspection information for use by maintenance professionals or regulatory compliance
  • Use eye wash station tags or shower and drench hose tags as needed to properly signal conducted or necessary inspections by your workers
  • Don't let workers in need use a broken eyewash station! Expired solution or unattended stations can make chemical problems worse

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Eyewash tags are perfect for eyewash identification at the point of use. Eyewash station tags provide employees with instructions and information in areas where it's most needed.
Use eye wash tags to record important inspection information for emergency eyewash stations and showers. Eyewash stations, like many other types of equipment, need to be periodically inspected for damaged and  worn-out parts.
Seton offers several Eyewash Tags in its portfolio. There's Safety Inspection Tags - Emergency Shower & Eyewash Test Record, Safety Inspection Tags - Eye Wash Station, and Inspection Tags-On-A-Roll - Emergency Shower & Eyewash Test Record among others.
Trust Seton to provide you with high-quality materials for your safety needs.