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Keep your activity drinks always cool and refreshing

Providing your personnel with drinks designed to combat the effects of heat stress is an important part of your facility’s heat stress management plan. Make sure your stocks of activity drinks are always cool by storing them in the proper drink coolers. In hot environments, a cool drink is more refreshing and works to cool one’s body temperature better than a drink served at room temperature. This ensures injuries due to heat stress are avoided.

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Nothing cools your body down better than a refreshing cold drink. In the high heat environment of foundries, factories, mines and other similar establishments, a cold activity drink can mean the difference between heat stress injury and health. A proper heat stress management program should include supplying your personnel with easily accessible cold beverages and what better way to ensure that your activity drink of choice is always cold than by storing your drinks in a cooler. Drink coolers are designed to keep activity or sports drinks cool by being properly insulated. Drink coolers also come in different capacity sizes so be sure to choose the right one for your needs.