Burn Kits

Specialized kits containing equipment for burn first aid

Burn kits contain all the first aid supplies you need to provide first aid treatment to burns. Burn kits typically contain the following supplies: burn dressings in various sizes, burn gels, cold packs, gauze pads and bandages, tapes, as well as ancillary first aid equipment like gloves and scissors. You may also choose to expand your kit by adding analgesics to your supplies.

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When you look at the required contents of a typical OSHA first aid kit, you will find provisions for burn treatment. This is because OSHA acknowledges that burns are a relatively common workplace hazard and one that is more complex to deal with. That being said, providing your facility with a burn kit separate from a standard first aid kit will certainly create an added layer of safety to your operations. Theoretically, you could easily add extra burn treatment supplies to your existing kit. However, having a separate burn first aid kit makes treating burns a lot more efficient since all your supplies are in one convenient kit.