AED Kits

Emergency kits containing supplies for proper AED deployment

AED kits are designed to allow both EMTs and facility personnel to properly prep victims of cardiac arrest prior to using your automated external defibrillator as well as for proper use of AEDs. AED kits come in a number of configurations and contain equipment such as prep razors and clothing shears necessary for prepping heart attack victims. AED emergency kits also include items like exam gloves, CPR shields and antiseptic wipes for more efficient administration of CPR.

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Automated external defibrillators or AEDs have been proven to save the lives of cardiac arrest victims in a workplace setting. However, the defibrillator's effectivity also depends on proper prepping of a victim just before its use. Clothing and body hair can greatly impede the performance of an AED, which is why both have to be removed. AED kits contain equipment designed to quickly remove these two items allowing the proper application of the AED's electrodes, which in turn ensures the device works perfectly. AED kits also contain equipment such as CPR shields and rubber exam gloves for safely providing the cardiac victim with CPR.