Defibrillators for cardiac victim intervention

According to OSHA, over 800 workplace fatalities that occurred between 1999 and 2000 were caused by cardiac arrest. The agency also reported that heart attack survival rate with immediate defibrillation is more than 90 percent. These two facts have prompted OSHA to recommend employers to consider using defibrillators in their facility to lower the instances of cardiac arrest related deaths in the workplace. For their part, defibrillators are relatively easy to use even with minimal training.

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Automated defibrillators can, at first glance be intimidating to use. However, this specialized equipment are actually easy enough to use that OSHA reports during a mock cardiac arrest, untrained sixth graders were able to use these machines without much difficulty.How to use an automated defibrillator:
  1. Make sure both you and the victim are on a dry surface; check the victim’s breathing and airway.
  2. Turn on the defibrillator and xpose the victim’s chest. You may have to shave chest hairs if the victim is male. Remove medication patches if present
  3. Affix the patches, one on the upper chest below the collar bone and the other on the lower left chest on the side.
  4. Plug in the connector, stand clear and analyse the rhythm. Deliver the shock.