Emergency Blankets

First aid blankets for preventing body heat loss

Emergency blankets are designed to prevent the loss of body heat efficiently and effectively. Available in two variants – fabric and synthetic material, these insulating blankets are necessary first aid equipment when dealing with victims of hypothermia. The fabric variant is lightweight, waterproof and disposable. The fabric variant can also double as a sleeping bag and a signaling device. Both variants fold up to packages that can fit in your glove compartment for easy transport.

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Hypothermia is defined as a medical emergency in which your core temperature drops below what is required to maintain normal metabolism (normally 95°F.) If left untreated, hypothermia can lead to death so it's important to be prepared against this risk especially if you have to work in cold conditions. Wear sufficient cold weather clothes, avoid alcohol and have a medical check-up, particularly for thyroid problems and diabetes before working in the cold as these conditions are hypothermia risks. Last but not the least, always have an emergency blanket handy as this first aid blanket is designed to reflect back up to 90% of your body heat when donned.