First Aid Labels & Decals

Provide first aid equipment with clear identification

First Aid Labels allow people to quickly find the emergency materials they need as easily as possible. In a facility where there should be be more than one first aid kit available for emergencies, labels are crucial in locating the necessary supplies. Make sure that employees can get the proper medical supplies as quickly as possible. Setons First Aid Labels help guarantee that people can identify and distribute the necessary emergency treatment quickly and efficiently.

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When you need to mark some object, item, tool, area, or piece of equipment, stick a Label on it! Labels can be stuck on almost anything to provide a direction, a designation, or to simply identify something. Seton has a large variety of labels for First Aid, so you know you'll find one to match your requirements. Some of the labels we carry are:  Anti-Slip Safety Floor Markers - Exit, Biohazard Labels, AED Labels - Automated External Defibrillator, Push / Pull Safety Door And Window Decals and many more.