Personal Protection

Keep emergency medical providers safe against hazards

Personal Protection is necessary for emergency response providers to safeguard against injuries, as well as to prevent transmission of illnesses and biohazards. There are personal protective equipment made to protect personnel against physical dangers, chemical hazards, and infectious diseases. Following the proper precautions and using appropriate first aid supplies allow them to safely perform their task of assisting victims during emergencies

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Surgical masks and gloves are two of the most common barriers between rescuers and potential risks. Gloves are available in three common variants, which are latex, nitrile, and vinyl. Contracting allergies due to the protein found in latex is an established occurrence; and, as a result, some people cannot wear latex gloves. Nitrile and vinyl gloves provide hypoallergenic alternatives to latex variants.  Surgical masks are used to protect emergency responders as well as to ensure comfort and breathability while they do their jobs. Some masks have cellulose inner facing, which affords users with a non-irritating protective gear.