Hand Sanitizer

Effectively disinfect hands without hassle

Hand Sanitizers are convenient disinfectants manufactured in gel form. They usually contain alcohol as an active ingredient that kills bacteria on contact. Sanitizers strip away oily surfaces on the skin, destroying the microorganisms on the hands, as well as slowing down the re-growth of bacteria. Sanitizer dispensers are currently provided in many public areas, and are used in various applications. Choose the best Hand Sanitizers for your needs from Seton’s selection today.

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  • P.A.W.S.® Antimicrobial Wipes



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Using a waterless hand sanitizer after thorough hand washing is one of the most effective methods to eliminate germs.  The soap and water removes both dirt and oil, and hand sanitizers can kill most germs.  For best results, sanitizers should be rubbed in for around 30 seconds, and the amount poured should be such that the palms stay moist 10 to 15 seconds after.  Supply your first aid kits with the best Hand Sanitizers for your needs.  Choose the best options from Seton's selection today.