Metal Detectable Bandages

Metal detectable bandages are ideal for food industry professionals and more

While self-adhesive bandages are easy to use, they do tend to fall off especially when performing strenuous jobs. This isn’t a big problem for most industries, but for the manufacturing and food industry, this can be a nightmare. Thus, metal detectable bandages are a must have for the workplace first aid in these industries as these are easier to find in the event that these fall off.

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Metal detectable bandages should be mandatory for workers in the food and manufacturing industry. These bandages are easy to find when it falls off, a must as a stray bandage can easily contaminate food or the products in the area. Like other self-adhesive bandages there are a variety of shapes and sizes which allows users to choose the appropriate one for them. Here are a few tips when using these metal detectable bandages:
•        Be sure the wound is well cleaned before application.
•        It might be good to log each use of bandages to ensure that the work areas are clear of bandagesn.
•        Replace the bandage regularly.
•        Let the wound breathe occasionally to promote faster healing.