Charts & Posters

Provide employees with important information for handling hazardous material

Charts and Posters are great safety training tools that collectively educate employees how to read specific hazards using the NFPA hazard rating system, how to understand MSDSs, and other critical information. Choose a Hazardous Material Warning Label Chart, a Hazardous Material Wall Chart, Hazardous Material Poster, Hazardous Material Information Sign, a NFPA Interpretation Guide, a NFPA Hazard Chart, a NFPA Hazardous Chemical Rating Chart, a Right-To-Know Poster, or some combination of all of them to enhance workplace safety.

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  • Hazardous Material Warning Labels Chart




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  • Circuit Panel ID Chart Kit


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Give your employees the knowledge they need to understand the hazards of flammable storage and other potentially dangerous endeavors with Charts & Posters from Seton. Your workers have a right to know what they are working with and around  - Charts and Posters can keep them informed. 

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