Safely contain hazardous liquids and waste

Choose a Type I Safety Can or Type II Safety Can depending upon safety requirements. A Safety Bench Can is ideal for cleaning small parts in solvents. Get rid of hazardous waste with oily waste cans or Bio-Haz Poly Step Waste Cans.

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  • Eagle Type I & II Safety Cans

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  • Wide Mouth Vented Bottles

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    5 Each/Pack

  • Oily Waste Cans

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Cans are good for many things, such as fuel and oil storage, the safe housing of chemicals, even temporary storage of solid items.

Make sure to choose the Can that meets the unique requirements of your application. Browse our selection of Cans, including Safety Bench Cans, Uno Type II Safety Cans, Wide Mouth Vented Bottles, Eagle Oily & Bio-Haz Poly Waste Cans and more.