A critical part of hazardous material identification

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) signs and labels feature NFPA diamonds for hazardous material identification. Use the standardized NFPA ratings to alert employees to potential hazards of the chemicals and materials they handle. If you wish to customize a sign, purchase a Do-It-Yourself NFPA Panel that complies with NFPA No. 704-1996.

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NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is another regulatory body that produces a ratings system to define and alert workers about the chemical hazards they face on job.

Many products are associated with NFPA, including wall charts, labels, signs, kits and more. Seton carries a variety of products in this area, such as:

Custom NFPA Signs in High Performance Plastic, Do-It-Yourself NFPA Panels - Hazard Numbers and Symbols, Placard Kits, Blank Write-On NFPA Labels, et al.