Lockout Kits & Cabinets

Maintenance procedures on electrical items can be rather dangerous if lockout and tagout is properly implemented and done. Prevent accidents and injuries caused by accidental re-energizing of equipment and machinery by using Seton’s Lockout Tagout kits. We carry a wide selection of lockout tagout stations that come with a complete set of lockout supplies that you will need to use in order to carry out maintenance plans safely. These stations and kits come in different styles and security options that are suitable for various electrical requirements. You can choose among wall mounted lock boxes, keyhook cabinets, lockout pouches, or a general safety cabinet that will fit your needs.

Ensure safety from electrocution during maintenance with reliable lockout tagout kits

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  • Padlock Control Cabinets

    From $202.00 To $1,076.50
  • Brady® Lockout Stations

    From $138.90 To $583.50
  • Lockout Cabinets

    From $257.00 To $1,367.40
  • Wall Mount Lock Box

    From $67.50 To $87.70
  • Brady ® Lockout Wall Cabinets

    From $102.80 To $710.20
  • Wall Mount Group Lock Boxes

    From $177.80 To $208.40
  • Ready Access Padlock Stations

    From $125.80 To $357.10
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Keep all your lockout supplies organized and secure in one location

Effectively keep powered down equipment in that state and keep people safe by making sure your lockout tools are in order. This is a task made easier by using Seton’s Lockout Tagout Kits. These kits and stations have different security features that you will need to prevent unauthorized access. By designating only a few authorized people to access your lock boxes, you can efficiently control who gets to manage crucial electrical lockout procedures in your facility.

Be in line with strict OSHA regulations on hazardous energy control

Keeping your electrical panels and other access points safe and secure is one of the main tenets under OSHA regulation 1910.47. Make sure that your facility is on the safe side and in compliance with OSHA standards by using Seton’s lockout tagout stations and kits. Our wide line of safety lockout kits is manufactured from durable steel and specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions for a long period of time. With years of trusted experience in the industry, our lockout products are highly recommended in keeping your equipment either locked or securely de-energized during lockout procedures.