Equipment maintenance is a must for every company. During these instances, it is necessary to be careful and vigilant since a lot of accidents, sometimes lethal ones, occur during these times. Because of this, the lockout-tagout system was devised and has proven to be effective in lowering and minimizing accident rates in a facility. To implement this, you’ll need training, and more importantly, Lockout Tagout Devices that can keep people from accessing and powering up the equipment being serviced. There are a variety of lockout devices for every purpose, but the logic behind all these devices is the same -- to inform people that the item is being serviced and to prevent anyone from activating the device by cutting off power or locking the switch.

Lockout Tagout Devices keep people safe during maintenance procedures

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  • Safety Lockouts

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  • Valve Lockouts

    From $29.40 To $144.00
  • Adjustable Ball Valve Lockouts

    From $45.50 To $98.80
  • Brady® Plug Lockout

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  • Color-Coded Ball Valve Lockouts

    From $45.80 To $106.80
  • Brady® Ball Valve Lockout

    From $38.00 To $60.70
  • Scissor-Lok™ Lockout Device

    From $23.00 To $47.50
  • Heavy Duty Cargo Lock

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  • Universal Ball Valve Lockouts

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Lockout Tagout Devices keep people safe

Lockout Tagout devices keep people from accidentally turning on machines when these are being serviced. Apart from that, these devices keep insurance premiums down, and legal liabilities low. Primarily though, these help keep maintenance workers safe while they do their jobs. Lockout Tagout devices come in a variety of designs, depending on the machines these need to be used on, but the principle behind each device remains the same -- prevent activation of the machine by restricting access to switches and power sources. Over and above these restrictive devices, you also get a tag to place on the lockout tagout as well. This is to inform people that something is being fixed and that it should not be turned on under any circumstances.

Using lockout tagout devices

The biggest hurdle in using lockout tagout devices is actually getting people to use it. People tend to forgo this step due to the fact that it is an additional step in their maintenance work. However, once it is explained to them that these devices are being introduced into the system for their safety, they tend to become a little more accepting of it. After all, more often than not, it is just a simple matter of putting a lock on the device specially designed for the machine in order to keep them from hurting themselves while doing their jobs. That said, check out the wide selection of lockout tagout devices we have and find the right one for your company.