Breaker & Electrical Lockouts

Breaker Lockouts prevent accidental re-energizing of breaker switches when machinery or electrical systems are being serviced. Enhance electrical safety with an Electrical Lockout Device to make sure equipment stays off during maintenance or when being repaired.

Eliminate accidental start-ups or unauthorized use of equipment by locking out circuit breakers & activation switches

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  • Brady® Push Button Lockouts

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Breaker & Electrical Lockouts are used to secure and lock electrical breakers, panels and other electrical equipment. Attach a Breaker or Electrical Lockout when there are concerns of accidental power up, or the equipment needs to be protected from unauthorized users. Seton offers out customers a variety of breaker lockouts for a plethora of applications. Lockouts include Power Switch Lockout- A Life Is On The Line, Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout, Push Button Lockouts et al.